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Pastors and their spouses get equipped with counselling skills

Counselling skills training at PAC University

Pastors and their spouses get equipped with counselling skills

The two-day training on counselling skills for pastors and pastors’ spouses concluded on Friday, December 8, with great success, following an intense 22-hour engagement. The participants were presented with certificates, signifying their completion of the program. More significantly, they were equipped with invaluable knowledge and skills, empowering them to enhance the quality of their counselling services.

The training, which was organized and facilitated by the Psychology Department, proved to be a transformative experience, providing pastors and their spouses with a comprehensive understanding of effective counselling techniques. Through a series of engaging sessions, participants delved into various aspects of counselling, gaining insights into the complexities of human emotions and behaviour.

We wish them the very best as they serve their communities.

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