Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation

The University provides students with quality hostel facilities within Thika Road Campus at affordable costs. They have hot showers and WiFi to ensure that students have a comfortable stay.

Hostel Prices (payable at the start of a Trimester)
—Four pax rooms: Ksh 10,500 per Trimester

Basic Units (cost per Trimester)
—Basic Unit (Single room for one person without kitchen): Ksh 20,000
—Basic Unit (Single room for one person with kitchen): Ksh 28,000
—Standard Unit (One bedroom): Ksh 38,000

—Standard Unit (Two bedroom): Ksh 52,000
—Deluxe Unit (Two bedroom): Ksh 60,000

Cafeteria Services
Quality foods are served at reasonable prices. The cafeteria is open 15 hours a day, 7 days a week every term.