BA in Community Development

BA in Community Development

The BA in Community Development program is founded on the belief that the transformation of human life is a divine mandate that has to be undertaken if human dignity is to be restored. It further believes that this transformation can only occur if carried out using holistic approaches and by development practitioners who are devoted to and believe in creating a community whose members embrace and strive for equity and social justice.

Goal of the Program
The goal of the Bachelor of Arts in Community Development program is to train high-quality transformative community leaders and practitioners who will demonstrate skills, attitude, and capacity to address community development issues that empower individuals for quality living.

Admission Requirements

  • Be a holder of a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) with a minimum grade of C+ or an equivalent certificate with a minimum cumulative of C+ and a minimum of C in English or;
  • Be a holder of a KACE certificate with a minimum of one principal pass and two subsidiaries and a minimum of a credit pass in English in EACE or,
  • Be a holder of a diploma or Higher Diploma certificate in a relevant discipline from an institution recognized by the Ministry of Education and approved by CUE.

Expected Learning Outcomes
By the end of the program, learners will be able to:

  1. Understand the models, approaches, and theories in community development concepts;
  2. Apply the models, approaches, and theories in community development programs;
  3. Develop partnerships with development agencies and engage in sustainable development;
  4. Design innovative programs that mobilize communities to action;
  5. Monitor and evaluate community development programs;
  6.   Integrate Christian principles and community development processes.

January, May, and September