Student Council (PACUSA)

Student Council (PACUSA)

The PAC University Student Association (PACUSA) Council is primarily concerned with student representation in matters of academics, health, sports, and overall well-being. It comprises the following offices:

—Vice Chairperson            
—Secretary General                                
—International Student Representative

—Organizing Secretary
—Valley Road Campus Representative
—Postgraduate Student Representative
—Mr. and Miss PAC (Ex-Officios)
—Christian Union Chairperson (Ex-Officio)

The Council works closely with the Office of the Dean of students, which coordinates all student-related activities.
The Chairperson and the Vice Chairperson
 are members of the University’s Senate.

To promote the growth of a Christ-centered community through fellowship and care of members by facilitating dialogue with all the relevant stakeholders and developing relevant clubs and student activities.


To be a Christ-centered, mature, and interactive student community that is balanced and holistic in all student matters.

—Communication          —Servanthood

—Commitment              —Integrity
—Team Spirit                —Spirituality

The 2023-2024 Student Council Members:
Linda Akitela Long’ole

—Vice Chairperson: Silvester Ouma Omondi
—Secretary General: Alice Emmanuel Kioko
—Organizing Secretary: Barnaba Chuma Daniel

—Treasurer: Lency Murugi Ndwiga
—Graduate & International Student Representative: Juliet Sombo Saisay
—Mr. PAC University (Ex Officio): Julius Chrysostome
—Miss PAC University (Ex Officio): Tanya Wambui
—Christian Union Chair (Ex Officio): Samuel Kabugi

Dr. Josh T. Amwago — Dean of Students
PACUSA Chair, Ms. Linda Akitela, takes her oath of office