Master of Arts Marriage & Family Therapy

Master of Arts Marriage & Family Therapy

This program is one of its kind program in Africa. An MA-MFT approach focuses on the strengths and resiliency of family systems and communal resources to restore and build family relationships.

Why study Family Therapy? 
Couples & families in Kenya today face daily challenges in a rapidly changing social context, marital instability and an increase in separation/divorce, changing parent-child expectations and increasing conflict, rise in substance use and addictive behaviors, brutal acts of family violence and Child neglect, economic and employment stressors and breakdown of extended family relationships and the list continues.

Areas of Specialization

  1. Child and Adolescent therapy
  2. Premarital and Couple therapy

Goals of the program:
MA-MFT aims to prepare marriage and family therapists: – aware and self-reflective, ethically knowledgeable, culturally sensitive, clinically competent.

Program Information                                                        
The MA-MFT is a two-year, trimester M.A. Degree program that consists of 60 credits. Students undergo clinical training of 6 credits and 500 hours of practicum over a year. It consists of an option of TWO elective courses; Research Thesis or an MAMFT Project.

Entry Requirements

  • The minimum entry requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology or related discipline from an accredited university. The minimum entry requirement is a Second Class Honor, Upper Division, and above (or a GPA of 3.00 and above).
  • All applicants are required to have completed the following undergraduate course prerequisites: Abnormal Psychology, Personality Theories, Human Growth and Development, and Foundational Skills in Counseling.

January, May, and September