Recreation, Sports, Clubs & Societies

Recreation, Sports, Clubs & Societies


Our sports teams actively participate in their respective games within and outside the University. Most notably, our football team, Viongozi FC, is currently playing in the Nairobi County League. Through the existing Clubs and Societies, students are able to connect with their peers at a personal level, thereby building their social skills and activating their gifts.
These activities complement the more formal ones such as Chapel Services and classroom lectures to bring about balanced training and preparation for the students. The objective is to ensure that each student is prepared in body, mind, and spirit.

The following Clubs and Societies are currently active in the University:


—Book Club
—Media Club
—Music Club
—Debate Club
—Drama Club

—Environment Club
—The Red Cross

—Dance Club
—Writing Club
—Africa Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF)

—Art Club
—Taekwondo Club
—Business Finance Club
—Counseling Club
—Welfare Club (PAC Love Center)