International Students

International Students

New students during a past orientation week

Our current student population is drawn from 25 countries around the world.

Many international students find communities from their home countries in Nairobi and are able to exercise a valuable ministry among them, as well as in the church of Kenya. The global cultural variety found among faculty and students is a unique and enriching characteristic of the University.

As part of the letter of acceptance, PAC University will inform the student of the necessary steps to satisfy Kenya’s immigration laws. Upon receipt of the necessary information and fee, the University will apply for a Kenya Pupil’s Pass (KPP).

No foreign student should arrive in Kenya without this document or a VISA. Students must ensure that the KPP and any Dependent’s Passes required are renewed as necessary.


Students must also apply for an Alien Pass upon arrival in Kenya.

As part of mitigation measures against undesired conduct, the University first gives international students conditional admission to the institution.

This condition is detached when the student has one of the following alternative conditions verified:

  1. They have sufficient funds to cover the first year of study
  2. They verify that they have a sponsor who will cover their expenses
  3. They are in possession of a return air ticket to their country of origin