School of Leadership, Business, & Technology

School of Leadership, Business, & Technology

Dr. Truphena Oduol-Dean

Word from the Dean, Dr. Truphena Oduol

The School of Leadership, Business, and Technology continues to provide high-quality, transformative and value-based education to our students in line with the University’s vision and mission. It houses some premier programs that PAC University takes a lot of pride in due to the incredible impact they have made in the marketplace.

The execution of academic programs is very flexible, offering a combination of online and face-to-face lectures. In all the programs offered by the three Departments, the School ensures that sound academic principles coupled with Christian doctrinal values are well entrenched in the learning discourse. The School encourages and inspires its constituent Departments to continuously raise the bar of academic, scholarly, and research excellence in all the educational programs.

The following are the three Departments hosted in this School:

Department of Leadership Studies

  1. PhD in Organizational Leadership
  2. Master of Arts in Leadership
  3. Master of Educational Leadership
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Leadership
  5. Diploma in Public Administration
  6. Diploma in Corporate Governance
  7. Diploma in Leadership and Management

Department of Business Studies

  1. Master of Business Administration
  2. Bachelor of Commerce
  3. Bachelor of Business Leadership
  4. Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development
  5. Diploma in Business Management
  6. Diploma in Banking and Finance
  7. Diploma in Marketing Management
  8. Diploma in Supply Chain Management
  9. Diploma in Human Resource Management 
  10. Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development
  11. Certificate in Business Management

Department of Computing & IT

  1. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  2. Bachelor of Business Information Technology
  3. Diploma in ICT
  4. Diploma in ICT Technician
  5. Diploma in Cyber Security
  6. Diploma in Computer Science
  7. Diploma in Computer Programming
  8. Diploma in Network and System Administration
  9. Certificate in ICT