Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

This Degree programme combines Information Technology with an interplay between the social, scientific and technical issues underlying the WWW and most current technologies influencing daily life. It merges technical courses with those in human-computer interaction, the social implications of IT, communications, management, leadership, team building and Godly Christian values.  Students receive a broad yet focused degree and are prepared to apply the technology for sustainable positive impact in society. The course is structured to focus on issues surrounding the strategic use, development, implementation and management of computer systems. The programme further combines the essential aspects of computer science (covering areas such as software development, communications and networking, security, systems analysis, databases, systems software, Data science, artificial intelligence among others) with key facets of business as they relate to IT and Christian Leaderships. This is deliberate to produce technically proficient graduates who also understand business issues in the precincts of Christianity. The combination of skills and knowledge will prepare graduates to be immediately productive in the IT industry. Moreover, considering that the job market demands both theory and practical aspects, the BSc. IT of PAC University shall endeavour to strike a meaningful balance to produce Godly Christian Leaders in the dynamics of Information Technology.

The BSc. IT programme is intended to produce Information Technology (IT) graduates with requisite skills capable of managing IT organisations and IT departments, either in formal employment or in self-employment.  The programme offers knowledge and skills to learners through the application of modern information technology within the business. It is designed to build skills in computer programming, Computer Systems analysis, application design and development, and implementation of ICT solutions to business enterprises.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the University’s admission requirement, the BSc. IT degree requires students to have scored a minimum grade of C+ in Mathematics, in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalence.


January, May, and September