Ongoing Research by Lecturers

1.    Muthwii, M.J.:

i) Bible translation: Questions of end users of Bibles in African languages
ii) Literacy issues with relevance to standardization debates and growing of  languages
iii) Communication Strategies in writing grammars for second language users of English
iv) Kalenjiin morphology and orthographic conventions
v) The contribution of Bible Translation enterprise to the development of African Languages and Literatures since Asmara 2000.     

2. Nderitu, J. W.:

i) An investigation into devotional practices for growth in Christian Doctrines among Christian women in Kenya: A case of selected churches in Kiambu County, Kenya.

3. Mulinge, D.M

i) " Marketing strategies at the bottom of the pyramid” Case of home consumables.
ii) Tools and techniques to help institutional transformation.
iii) Marketing; The entrepreneurial way.

4. Gertrude Obwoge

i) Strategic Management of Entrepreneurial Activities of Christian Churches in Kenya.

5. Kamakia, M.

i) Application of Portfolio Theory in Real estate Investment