Prof. Emmanuel Bellon

Prof. Emmanuel Bellon

Prof. Emmanuel Bellon is the current Chair of PAC University’s Council.  He is also the Vice President of ScholarLeaders International Executive Network (USA), and he directs the Vital Sustainability Initiative (VSI), a program that facilitates the sustainability of nineteen Christian Universities and Theological Institutions in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

Prof. Bellon has previously served as the Vice-Chancellor of International Leadership University-Kenya, and also as the President of International Leadership Universities in Zimbabwe, Burundi, Nigeria, Ghana, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has also served as the Director of Training for International Leadership Foundation, and Senior Advisor to APHRC Research Capacity Strengthening Programs.

Prof. Bellon holds a B.Comm (Daystar University), MDiv (International Leadership University-Kenya), ThMAICS, and PhD (Fuller School of Intercultural Studies, Pasadena, USA). He is a professor of intercultural leadership and is passionate about value-based leadership development, executive coaching, and institutional sustainability.

He recently published Leading Financial Sustainability in Theological Institutions, The African Perspective, and operates from the depths of over 20 years’ experience in leadership training, consulting, and coaching for governments, corporates, and non-profit organizations in 12 African countries and North America.

Prof. Bellon is an ordained Minister and he serves at CITAM Woodley as an Associate Minister.

He is married to Leticia, and they are blessed with three children.