Diploma in Community Development & Social Work

Diploma in Community Development & Social Work

There has been a great interest globally in the development of sustainable community interventions that have led to the development of the Sustainable development goals to be achieved by 2030.  This diploma program aims at equipping one with essential community development and social work skills that are required to deal with the complex emerging social problems by designing and implementing effective and sustainable projects and programs. This Programme aims at introducing the students to the process of community development and social work principles, project management, monitoring and evaluation, and capacity-building techniques. Above the professional skills, the Diploma program integrates impartation of Christian values in the learning process to develop Godly character in development officers who will serve communities wholeheartedly.

Program objectives

  •  To create awareness for the role and need of community and social workers in the achievement of  Kenya Vision 2030, the Sustainable development goals for sustainable communities and equip them with professional skills.
  • To equip students with servant leadership skills and Christian-related principles, ethics, and values as they engage in community development and social work.
  • To produce skilled graduates who are able to design, implement, manage, monitor, and evaluate projects and programs in the communities.
  • To empower students to conduct research on social problems and find innovative solutions that will lead to sustainable development in our communities.

Program Information

The program is therefore expected to play an important role in producing professional social workers and development officers who will help in addressing social, economic and social-cultural problems and deliver sustainable development community interventions and achievement of sustainable development goals both locally and internationally.

Entry Requirements

  • KCSE Mean Grade C (Plain), C- (Minus), or  their equivalent
  • D+ (Plus) with a relevant Certificate from a recognized institution

Mode of Study:

Full time and online


January, May, and September