Department of Leadership

This Department is comprised of a dynamic team of lecturers with immense talents and experience in Leadership matters across various industries.

Some of the faculty members teaching in this Department include:

1. Dr. Truphena Oduol

Dr. Oduol is the current Head of the Department of Leadership where she also lectures. She has an extensive background in Leadership and ... Read More 

2. Bishop Dr. David Oginde, PhD

David Oginde is the Presiding Bishop of Christ is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) and the Chancellor for the Pan Africa Christian (PAC) University. CITAM is focused on... Read More 

3. Dr. Percy Opio

Dr. Opio is a practitioner scholar, ICT professional, strategic leadership and foresights expert, and author of The Future of Banking in Kenya. He has ove... Read More  

4. Prof. Margaret Jepkirui Muthwii

Prof. Muthwii is the Vice Chancellor of the Pan Africa Christian (PAC) University since January 2014. She earned her Ph.D in 1994 at the University of East Anglia... Read More 

5. Prof. Martin C. Njoroge 

Prof. Njoroge is the Deputy Vice Chancellor – Academic Affairs and also serves as a supervisor in the Masters Programme in the Department of Leadership. He holds a PhD, MA, and BEd... Read More

6. Dr. Jane A. Chiroma

Dr. Jane A. Chiroma graduated at Faculty of Education in Stellenbosch University, South Africa, and completed her PhD in Education Policy Studies, Med. and BEd Honours in curriculum studies at... Read More

7. Dr. Paul Khols, Ph.D

Paul is the Deputy Vice Chancellor-Institutional Planning & Development at Pan Africa Christian University. Paul Holds a BA in Biology, Religion and... Read More

8. Bishop Henry T.N. Kathii

Bishop Kathii holds a Master of Arts degree in Leadership from the Azusa Pacific University, USA. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce (marketing) degree from the University of... Read More