Fee Structure


This fee schedule is established by the Council of Governors and may be raised at the discretion of the Council should economic circumstances in Kenya change.

The full time course load is between 10 and 12 credit hours per term.

Students with an average of B+ or higher are allowed to accelerate and may take up to 15 credit hours per term.

Download the Fees structures below:

Diplomas Fees Structure

Masters Fees Structure

Master of Arts in Leadership Fees Structure

Bachelors Courses Fees Structure

BA Transformational Church Leadership Fees Structure

PhD Marriage & Family Therapy Fees Structure

PhD Organizational Leadership Fees Structure

YDP Fees Structure

Certificate Courses Fees structure

Government-Sponsored (KUCCPS) Students Fees Structure


The University awards scholarships in July of each year and the successful candidates are awarded one of the following scholarships:

  1. CITAM Scholarships
  2. Hendrick Scholarships
  3. Ulting Scholarships
  4. Timothy scholarships
  5. URCO Scholarships
  6. Peter Cuke Scholarship (This is only given to a fourth year student and is for one year)

The scholarship is awarded annually, and progressive students may reapply every year to request for renewal of the scholarship.

Scholarship terms and conditions apply.