Welcome to Pan Africa Christian (PAC) University!

As a Christian University, we are very much cognizant of the fact that God has placed us here at such a season in order to fulfill a certain mandate in accordance to His word. This informs why we apply the Theory of Excellence in all that we do; Academically, Spiritually and Socially. 

Our core business is to offer Quality Education to our students and impart them with practical skills that will adequately prepare them for the job market. We do so by integrating theory with practice, and engaging industry experts with relevant experience as part of our faculty. 

Over the years, we have seen PAC University grow to greater heights in terms of student population, academic programs, quality of faculty and admin staff, and even in terms of community engagement. As a matter of fact, ALL our academic programs are approved by the Commission for University Education (CUE).

It is always a joy for us to co-work with those around us, like you, in order to make the society better. I invite you to be part of this great growing community of PAC University.

Karibu sana!

Prof. Margaret J. Muthwii
Vice Chancellor