Clubs and Ministry

These are fellowships and groups within the campus that provide inspiration, challenges for Christian living and ministry to the students. Some groups provide student with great opportunities to develop and use their talents and gifts on and off of the campus.

Chapel Services: A time of corporate worship, fellowship, and inspiration for the entire community.
Worship Team: A team that assists with our chapel services in singing and playing instruments.

Technical Team: A team that assists with the public address system during our chapel services and wherever a public address system is used on and off the campus.

Drama Team: A team that inspires and challenges the university community and uses drama in outreach missions to encourage Christian living and to address current issues affecting the society, the church included.

Small Groups: Also called discipleship groups, led by graduating students who meet once a week with their group members for personal growth.

Ladies Fellowship: A fellowship where female students and students' wives learn together on issues affecting women from a Christian perspective and from each other's unique cultures.
Men's Fellowship: A fellowship that brings male students together for the purpose of learning, accountability, unity of purpose and development.

Dorm Fellowships: A fellowship for students who live in the dorms where they can share needs and ideas, and pray for each other and the university.

Married Couples' Fellowship: This is where the married students and/or their spouses connect for the purpose of learning and growing in their family life.