This School houses some premier courses that PAC University takes a lot of pride in due to the impact they have made in the market-place. The acting Dean of this School is Dr. Dionysious Kihika. It has three Departments: 

Department of Leadership

  1. PhD in Organizational Leadership
  2. Master of Arts in Leadership
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Leadership
  4. Diploma in Leadership Management

Department of Business Studies

  1. Master of Business Administration ( MBA) 
  2. Bachelor of Commerce ( BCOM)
  3. Bachelor of Business Leadership ( BBL)
  4. Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development
  5. Diploma in Procurement and Supplies Management
  6. KASNEB Packages ( CPA ,ATD & CAMS)
  7. Certificate in Entrepreneurship Development
  8. Certificate in Procurement and Supplies Management

Computing and IT Department

  1. Bachelor of Business Information Technology
  2. Diploma in Information Communication Technology
  3. Certificate in Computer Packages
  4. International Computer Driving License (ICDL)