University Council

The Council is the primary think-tank of the University, offering invaluable advise that helps PAC University to carry out its mission in a bid to attain its vision.

  1. Prof. Emmanuel Bellon – Chair
  2. Prof. Margaret J. Muthwii (Vice Chancellor) – Secretary
  3. Prof. Jayne Mutiga
  4. Dr. Catherine Lengewa
  5. Dr. George Kimeu  
  6. Mrs. Anne Mbugua
  7. Mrs. Irene Okeyo 
  8. Ms. Janice Foss
  9. Dr. Bernard Mascher
  10. Dr. Daniel Wachira
  11. Dr. Enos Lwamba
  12. Rev. Patrick Lihanda
  13. Prof. Martin C. Njoroge  (DVC-AA) -Eex-officio
  14. Dr. Paul Kohls (DVC-P&D) - Ex-officio