Open, Distant and e-Learning at PAC University

Since 2005, PAC University has been offering  e-Learning and Distance Learning Programs to provide a flexible, accessible and cost effective mode of learning as an alternative to the traditional classroom based programs. This mode of study is suitable for those who prefer or have difficulty attending a traditional class for various reasons. It gives one the opportunity to study away from the classroom without interrupting their day to day activities.

These programs reaches students in Kenya and the wider East African Community-- Southern Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania and the world at large.

Important to note is that Distant learning requires a high level of personal discipline, hard work and commitment since the student practically does the studies by themselves. We therefore congratulate students who choose this mode of study and most especially those who choose to study with us.

PAC University offers the following programs on e-Learning and Distance Learning:


  1. PhD in Organizational Leadership (PhD-OL) 
  2. Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL) 
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Transformational Church Leadership (BATCL) 
  4. Diploma in Transformational Church Leadership (TCL)