Youth Development Programme (YDP)

Many young people find themselves standing at life’s crossroads faced with the tough choice of knowing what to do with most of, if not the rest of their lives. At YDP we offer you the unique opportunity to discover your purpose, unearth your gifting, and help you begin the exciting journey of nurturing them to fruition
This program provides a fully accredited Certificate by PAC University. Credits earned on this course are transferable on merit if one wishes to pursue further studies at PAC University.
The program is designed for young people who have completed high school before they transition to post secondary education in Universities and colleges. 
It is aimed at preparing them holistically to confidently face life’s challenges after high school and to help them mature to adulthood in a godly and responsible manner. 
We achieve this by offering a curriculum that reflects spiritual formation, discipleship and mentorship, and personal development courses combined with University level course work.


·         To Deepen: It is our deep conviction that academic excellence and spiritual growth are complimentary. We therefore offer you basic Bible courses and a chance to be discipled by some of the best Kenyan and international youth ministers. Each student gets an opportunity to discover his/her gifts through personal mentoring sessions

·         To Direct: By Offering career guidance and counseling to each student. Specialized personality tests are conducted to determine a student’s strengths and natural gifting to fit with appropriate career choices. This comes with our firm believe that a head start is not a head start unless it is in the right direction.

·         To Develop: YDP Equips students with basic tools for today’s world. These include an intensive IT course taught by qualified staff in our equipped computer lab, communication and interpersonal skills and personal development. These courses are a must have in today’s job market as well as necessities for further study.

Program Information

This is a three months program.

Entry Requirements: 
Mock results may be admissible for those who have just left high school.



Our Contacts

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