Bachelor of Business Information Technology


This program is designed to equip graduates with sufficient knowledge and skills in business management and information technology. It combines the key aspects of Information Technology (covering areas such as software development, communications and networking, security, systems analysis, databases, etc.) with the key facets of business such as accounting, operations management, organisation behaviour, marketing, etc. This combination of skills and knowledge will equip graduates to be immediately productive in the modern business environment. It is aimed at preparing students for work in the fields of software development, database administration and networking.


By the end of this program, students should be able to do the following:

  1. Apply knowledge of business and information technology appropriate to the discipline;
  2. Develop coherent and broad-based coverage of business information systems and the underlying technologies to implement these systems;
  3. Acquire confidence and the ability to critically evaluate business information requirements and develop solutions from ethical, legal, professional and academic perspectives;
  4. Analyse local and global impact of information and communication technologies on individuals, organisations and the society
  5. Apply the concepts, principles and technical skills learnt in both business and information technologies to solve problems in the society or workplaces; and
  6. Effectively communicate and be a resourceful Christian team player in the society or workplace


January, May and September

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The University's 38th Graduation Ceremony happened on Friday 12th July 2019 when graduates were awarded and conferred with various Diplomas and Degrees, respectively.
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The University's Centre for Research, Innovations and Publications (CRIP) mandate is to advance, facilitate, support and strengthen capacities for research, innovation and scholarly publishing. 

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