1. Bachelor of Business Leadership(BBL)

The purpose of the PAC University department of Business Leadership is to develop positive, goal-oriented leaders: persons who thoroughly understand and... Read More


2. Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology

Bachelor Of Arts In Counseling Psychology is intended for students who desire to serve the community by providing counseling services to individuals... Read More


3. Bachelor of Arts In Communication

In today’s world effective communication is critical.  This program aims at training individuals to critically package messages using appropriate channels for... Read More


4. Bachelor of Arts In Community Development

The Community Development program is founded on the belief that transformation of human life is a divine mandate that has to be undertaken if human dignity is... Read More


5. Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom).

The purpose of the Pan Africa Christian University Bachelor of Commerce degree is to develop positive, goal-oriented practitioners: persons with the ability to... Read More


6. Bachelor of Arts In Bible And Theology

The Degree in Bible and Theology is designed to equip and develop Biblically and theologically sound scholars with relevant skills and competencies to... Read More


7. Bachelor of Business Information Technology

The wide spread use of information systems calls for well trained graduates who can design, develop, implement and maintain information technology... Read More


 8. Bachelor of Arts in Transformational Church Leadership

The Transformational Church Leadership Program is designed to produce a church leadership that is equipped to affect positive spiritual and socio-economic transformation of... Read More 




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