Senate & Management

University Senate

PAC University's commitment to the highest standards of pedagogy and overall excellence in our academic division is driven by the Senate. The following are the members of the University's Senate:

  1. Vice Chancellor
  2. Deputy Vice Chancellors
  3. Deans of Schools
  4. Dean of Students
  5. Heads of Academic Departments
  6. University Registrars
  7. University Librarian
  8. University Chaplain
  9. Directors of Campuses and Units
  10. Head of Corporate Affairs
  11. Head of Marketing
  12. PACUSA Chairperson
  13. PACUSA Vice Chairperson 

Management Board

The University's Management Board consists of a team of gifted, committed individuals who offer themselves to see to it that the University's daily operations run smoothly with top-notch efficiency.

The current members are:

  1. Vice Chancellor: Prof. Margaret J. Muthwii - Chair
  2. DVC, Finance & Administration - Secretary
  3. DVC, Academic Affairs: Prof. Dionysious K. Kiambi
  4. Academic Registrar: Dr. Lilian Vikiru
  5. Registrar, Administration & Planning: Dr. Cavens Kithinji
  6. Registrar, Finance & Enterprises: CPA Nicholas Chepkoiwo 
  7. University Librarian: Ms. Josleen Rutere Soita  (PhD, IP)
  8. Dean of Students: Rev. Josh T. Amwago, PhD

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