Committees of Council

In order to operate efficiently and effectively, the University Council is further divided in to committees that handle various strategic areas within the scope of PAC University's operations.

The following are the current committees of Council:

Executive Committee  

  1. Prof. Emmanuel Bellon -Chair
  2. Prof. Margaret J. Muthwii -Secretary
  3. Dr. Faith Thuita
  4. Dr. George Kimeu
  5. Mrs. Irene Okeyo

Academic Committee 

  1. Dr. Faith Thuita -Chair
  2. Prof. Dionysious Kiambi (DVC-Academic Affairs) -Secretary
  3. Prof. Jayne Mutiga
  4. Dr. Shem Kuyah
  5. Prof. Margaret J. Muthwii (Vice Chancellor)- Ex-officio

HR Committee 

  1. DVC - Administration & Finance- Secretary
  2. Mr. Ochieng Oloo
  3. Prof. James Kung'u
  4. Dr. George Kosimbei
  5. Mr. Donald Odera
  6. Dr. Bernard Mascher
  7. Prof. Margaret J. Muthwii  -Vice Chancellor

Finance Committee

  1. Dr. George Kimeu -Chair
  2. DVC - Administration & Finance- Secretary
  3. Ms. Janice Foss
  4. Mr. Sammy Makome
  5. Mr. Richard Kibebe
  6. Ms. Annette Omolo
  7. Prof. Margaret J. Muthwii -(Vice Chancellor) -Ex-officio

Planning & Development

  1. Mrs. Irene Mumo Okeyo -Chair
  2. Dr. Paul Kohls - (DVC-University Advancement) -Secretary
  3. Mr. Samuel Kigondu Kamau
  4. Dr. Daniel Wachira
  5. Mr. David Tanki
  6. Eng. Kuria Ndiba
  7. Eng. Maina Kariuki
  8. Prof. Margaret J. Muthwii - (Vice Chancellor)- Ex-officio

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News, Notices & Events

The University's 38th Graduation Ceremony happened on Friday 12th July 2019 when graduates were awarded and conferred with various Diplomas and Degrees, respectively.
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The University's Centre for Research, Innovations and Publications (CRIP) mandate is to advance, facilitate, support and strengthen capacities for research, innovation and scholarly publishing. 

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