The Research, Publications and Innovations Division is coordinated by the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs), with research outputs ranging from psychology, leadership, linguistics, business, translation, multilingualism, theology and education. It is governed by the University’s Research Policy, and aims to enhance research capacity and productivity among scholars and students. The PAC University Charter specifies that the University shall conduct research in order to support the development and application of new knowledge to enhance the social and economic development both at an individual and church community.
In order to achieve its mandate in research and extension, PAC University enables its staff and students to make full use of all its resources to create a research culture consistent with national development plans and policies. The Division supports efforts that meet scientific objectives in terms of knowledge growth, supports efforts aimed at addressing emergent problems and topical issues, and supports areas of need as expressed in the market place.
The Division strengthens a research culture at the University by:

  1. Emphasizing a strong relationship between research and teaching by enhancing the role of research in the development of teaching programs and materials.
  2. Interacting with the market place in order to assess research needs and make research more relevant to end users.
  3. Providing free access to the Internet for purpose of knowledge creation and dissemination at every academic research unit or team meeting.
  4. Supporting institutional capacity to transfer and disseminate research findings through internally and externally accessible databases and websites to the public domain.
  5. Creating a culture of research excellence by providing incentives, motivation and reward systems for good research.
  6. Advocating for recruitment and retention of faculty and staff who support and advance research objectives.
  7. Participation in research presentations and conferences.
  8. Identification, documentation and compilation of research done.
  9. Providing technical and academic support in all phases of research.




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